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GenesisRadio G11 SDR: A CONTEST WINNING Transceiver!

Third-party software and drivers:

VAC software by Eugene Muzychenko [ $35]

ASIO4ALL by Michael Tippach

N8VB virtual COM

VSPM virtual COM by K5FR

Setup and help files:

Digi modes setup tutorial by YT1DL

N1MM logger + GSDR by YT1DL

Building and operating your own equipment is still the ultimate goal of amateur radio, and Genesis is exactly that: Fun to build, fun to operate! There are so many things you can do with your Genesis: from regular 2-way Morse contacts, phone, digital modes like PSK to RTTY or WSPR - Truly, the list of activities for which you can use your G11 is practically endless! If you're into QRP, DXCC chasing or serious contesting, the G11 will deliver unparalleled performance you won't find in much more expensive analog radios. Do not underestimate G11 based on its low price - This CONTEST WINNING radio is a serious performer that will give you many hours of on-air enjoyment!

The G11 is a "hybrid kit": for your convenience, all the difficult to solder SMT components (over 600 of them!) are factory pre-assembled. Your task is to assemble 50-60 large trough-hole components and to wound a bunch of toroids. The entire assembly takes 8 hours. Order your kit now! Price: AUD$299 plus delivery.

Band coverage: based on your filter selection, the G11 can be configured to operate as a 10W+ SDR transceiver on up to 5 selected HF bands. Alternatively it can be set as dedicated LF SDR transceiver for either 137 KHz or 500 KHz or as a wide band LF receiver. For details and specification see links below.

G11 Specifications and block diagram

G11 Schematic

Assembly manual, Part 1.

Assembly manual, Part 2.

G11 TX adjustment by KF1Z

G11 RX/TX calibration by KF1Z

G11 LF assembly notes

G11 Flash programmer + G11 firmware
* Note: Located inside latest GSDR_update zip file.

Band Pass filters

Low Pass filters

G11 LF filters: YU1LM plots

G11 BOM 3C

GSDR Software: Install files + latest update

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