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Genesis G160 160m Band Software Defined Radio Transceiver

Genesis G160 is a 160m Band Software Defined Radio Transceiver kit designed by Tasa YU1LM and produced by GenesisRadio. The kit consists of 400 components. The band coverage is from 1.747 MHz to 1.939 MHz, with a 192 KHz sampling soundcard. Output power is 5 W. The G160 is an all-mode transceiver, suitable for CW, SSB and DIGI modes. For more technical details and specification, click here.

   G160 Parts Inventory

   G160 PCB Layout and Wiring Diagram

Assembly Instructions

Genesis G160 is based on the design of Genesis G40. The only difference is between the installed components with respect to the Oscillator and Low Pass filter.

Therefore, only those assembly instructions which are specifically related to G160 will be listed on this website, and for the rest, follow the instructions for G40.

Phase 1

The Oscillator

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Low Pass Filter

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Low Pass Filter

Low Pass Filter

G160 Power Amplifier

Schematic diagram

Power Amplifier Schematic Diagram

PA Layout

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Power Amplifier


160m / 5W Transceiver KIT. Includes professionally manufactured double layer PCB and all components. Online assembly help file. Yahoo Group support. Postage: US$ 18 Air mail, 8-10 days

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