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Genesis GPA10: Power Amplifier
by the GenesisRadio Team

Getting Started: GPA10

This is your first step to getting started with the GPA10. Get familiar with the Schematic Diagrams, Component Values and Designators List and Inventory List (BOM). After going over these documents, complete a parts inventory of your kit. Then you're ready to move forward!

Phase One: Power Supply

This is the first step in the assembly of the GPA10. In this phase, you will set up the power supply unit.
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Phase Two: Control Logic Circuit

In phase two, you will install the control logic components. The phase is divided into 3 easy steps, and you will be able to check your progress upon completion of each step. Finally you will connect the GPA10 to the G59, and with the GSDR software, the control logic will come to life!
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Phase Three: The Driver

Phase 3 is the assembly of the driver for the output amplifier. Upon the completion of assembly, you will be ready for some on-air fun! The driver will boost the G59's 10mW output to a solid 1 watt. With an efficient antenna and 1W output you will be able to make two-way contacts in digital modes and CW.
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Phase Four: Output Amplifier

In this phase of assembly you will install the GPA10's muscle unit: output transformers, resistors, capacitors and finally a pair of robust Mitsubishi RD16HHF1 MOSFET which easily produce a minimum of 10W output power on the 160-6m band.
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Phase Five: LP Filters

This phase is not difficult to assemble, but it requires concentration and punctuality. Once completed, your amplifier will be ready for more on-air action. A 10-15 watt output power is respectable and you will be able to make 2-way contacts on HF worldwide.
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