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GPA10 Assembly Phase 2: Control Logic Circuit

Components placement
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Schematic diagram
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In order to allow for testing between steps, Phase 2 is broken down into 3 parts.

Step 1: Install components as shown in the next 3 photos.

Assemble cable K1 as per photo.

Connect cable as per photo and connect +13V DC (make sure that you have the switch installed). You can now test the control logic and operation of the relay REL2C (RX/TX Relay).

Temporarily apply +5V to pin as per photo. You should hear the relay clicking!

Step 2: Install components (which are specified in the Component Values and Designators list) as per photo below.

Assemble cable K2 as shown.

You're now ready to test the control logic for band pass filter switching. Start GSDR and under "Hardware Config", check the box for "PA10 present". By doing so, you're telling the G59 to send data to the amplifier board.

Connect cable K2 (to SV6PA on the G59 board) and power up both the G59 and GPA10.

Press the MOX button in GSDR. Again, you should hear the RX/TX REL2C clicking.

Now, select the 160m band and measure the voltage on L1C. It should read around +0.7 V. Voltage on all other inductors (L2C-L7C) will be 0.0 V. Keep changing the bands and check voltages of the corresponding inductors. The voltage pattern should continue (+0.7 V on the selected inductor, 0.0 V on all others).

Step 3: Install components listed in the Component Values and Designators list for this phase. Start with the installation of resistors R9C to R15C, followed by capacitors C16C to C23C. Finally, install relays REL 3C to REL 16C.

This completes phase two of assembly. Reconnect your GPA10 to your G59 as described in the previous step. Once again, select the different bands. You should hear the band pass filter relays REL 3C to REL 16C clicking.

Note: If you are assemblying this amplifier without a G59 available, the easy way to test the control logic is to power up the GPA10 board and have the cable K2 removed. The default setting is 6m band pass filter activated. The voltage on L5C will be +0.7 V and the voltage on all other inductors chokes (L1C to L4C, L6C and L7C) will be around +11.5 V.


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