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GPA10 Assembly Phase 5: LP filters

Components placement
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160m LP filter

680pF 680pF 330pF 1nF 1nF 470pF 56pF 1nF - 4.2uH 5.0uH

60m-40m LP filter

C10F C11F C12F C13F C14F C15F C16F C17F C18F L3F L4F
- 330pF 120pF - 680pF - 68pF 330pF - 1.03uH 1.15uH

80m LP filter

C19F C20F C21F C22F C23F C24F C25F C26F C27F L5F L6F
- 470pF 330pF - 680pF 470pF 68pF 560pF - 1.72uH 2.33uH

30m-20m LP filter

C28F C29F C30F C31F C32F C33F C34F C35F C36F L7F L8F
- 180pF 82pF - 180pF 180pF 22pF 180pF - 495nH 620nH

6m LP filter

C37F C38F C39F C40F C41F C42F C43F C44F L9F L10F
- 39pF 15pF - 82pF 15pF 33pF - 178nH 140nH

17m-15m LP filter

C45F C46F C47F C48F C49F C50F C51F C52F C53F L11F L12F
- 82pF 56pF - 220pF - 22pF 120pF - 320nH 410nH

12m-10m LP filter

C54F C55F C56F C57F C58F C59F C60F C61F C62F L13F L14F
- 56pF 33pF - 150pF - 22pF 68pF - 255nH 280nH


Install cable K3 to connect the output of bandpass filters to relay REL2C.

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