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Genesis QR2S 30m band transceiver for QRSS
by Bat Masterson & GenesisRadio Team

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Price: US$ 149 + US$ 18 for Airmail postage

QR2S is 30m band QRSS transceiver. It consist of high dynamic single conversion receiver with switchable HD RF preamplifier and crystal bandpass filter of 450 Hz, demodulator with I/Q output. Transmitter comes with oven controlled xtal oscillator (OCXO), tunable center frequency and microcontoller-adjustable power output in range of 1.2 mW - 1.5 W. Operating mode: CW (variable dot), DFCW and 'graphic' mode. QRQ CW ID. PC controlled via uC (osc temp adjustment, power out, cent freq, modulation) After initial setting with provided application, QR2S is stand-alone RX/TX unit.

QR2S is through-hole/SMT hybrid kit suitable for experienced kit builders.

The kit comes in 2 versions. A complete set including all components (US$ 149) and as a basic set including QR2S PCB, DAC, microcontroller, 10.140 TX crystal, QR2S software and CD rom with complere schematic diagram (US$ 39). To place your order, go to QR2S order page.

VK2DX signals received by ZL2LK, New Zealand

QR2S control panel

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