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Download and setup instructions

1. Download, unzip and save ARRL Contest sound file by YU1LM: CWU 7,062928MHz 21.2.2009 23 37 08.zip [52 MB]

2. Download and install .NET Framework from Microsoft, v.1.1.4322 dotnetfx.exe [23.1MB]

3. Download and install PowerSDR software installation file, V1.16.1.exe file, [2.76MB]

4. PowerSDR Setup Wizard: Radio Model: select None

5. Sound card: Unsupported

6. Click NEXT and FINISH

7. Settings: click on Setup (top left corner)

8. under Hardware Configuration tab select Radio model: Demo/None

9. under Audio Configuration tab select
Mixer: (this is your sound card)OUTPUT
Sample Rate: 48000 (Sample rates 48000/96000/192000)
Select the highest sampling rate supported by your sound card

Letency: manual, 30ms
Click Apply and OK

10. Select : Wave

11. under Playlist: click Add... then select and open CWU 7,062928MHz 21.2.2009 23 37 08 file.

Select LOOP and PLAY then MINIMIZE window

12. click START

13. PowerSDR screen should look like this:
if you can hear Morse code sound clearly and without any distortion,
then your soundcard and PowerSDR are setup properly.

14. set BAND to 40
fliter to 500Hz or less
Zoom to maximum
Tune Step to 50Hz

To tune up/down the band use mouse wheel or drag the Panadapter screen.

15. Enjoy the SDR sounds of Genesis G40.