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Windows 7 power options setup for GSDR

During first tests of GSDR software under new Windows 7 I had very unpleasant experience with sound quality during receive. If I leave computer and Windows 7 in "stable" condition, sound was OK, but when I open any window or even move mouse around screen, sound start to be noise and waterfall replay with blank lines on screen. It looks like the CPU was overloaded ! But this could not be true because I use Intel Core2 Quad CPU for SDR.

One of new capabilities of Windows 7 is CPU clock frequency scaling. It means that Windows 7 can adjust CPU clock according application needs and save energy. In Windows 7 Control Panel open "Power Options". Select one of preferred energy saving plans (i.e. Balanced) and then click to "Change plan settings". This will bring you new window like on my picture bellow. Find "Processor power management" and set "Minimum processor state" to i.e. 75%. Click Apply and listen a GSDR receiver . Sound should be clear like usual.