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GenesisSDR and FLdigi (WIN32) Setup

From my experience FLdigi is digimode software with best coded receiving part. Last year I made some test compering MixW, DM780 and FLdigi (Win32) coupled via VAC software to same Genesis G59 receiver. I was watching same signal (RSQ 569) in all three programs (simultaneous), wait for receiving errors and count it. Fldigi was much better then MixW and just a little bit better then DM780. I plan to repeat this test but this time I will taking notes and publish it here.

In the mid time, this is setup procedure for setting FLdigi to be complete operable with Genesis SDR software.

Download and install FLdigi from official site FLdigi is multi platform (read multi OS) so be sure to download only Windows version. Also you will need to download script file that will be enable CAT with PowerSDR and similar SDR software. Download PowerSDR.xml from and save it somewhere where you can find it during install (inside FLdigi folder will be OK).

When you start FLdigi for a first time you will need to set some necessary parameters. After you set your personal data like name, QRH, antenna ... you will see next screen.


Setup input and output sound card (VAC in our case). On settings card you don not need to change anything so you leave it like it is.


Next step is to set PTT com port and CAT port. For PTT set com6 as we did before for other digimodes software. Also, be sure you check "Use separate serial port PTT" and "Use RTS".


FLdigi use some script files to describe CAT protocol options. In this section we will use PowerSDR.xml file that we download and save during installation process. Click on "Open" button and find a PowerSDR.xml file where you save it at begging. Set com7 for CAT serial port and baud rate to be same like in GSDR (in our case 9600). Be sure that you check "Use RigCAT" on a top of screen. At last, click on "Save" button to save this setting.


Working FLdigi coupled with GSDR software will look like this: