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Genesis SDR and Ham Radio Deluxe (DM780) setup

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free Windows programs providing computer control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes mapping, logging, satellite tracking and the digital mode program Digital Master 780 (DM780) . You can obtain a fresh instalation from It is a great suite. I use it for everyday operation. It is very handy to have all necessary software in one package. Many thanks to Simon Brown, HB9DRV and all other guys involved in HRD coding.

After standard installation procedure, start HRD main module and choose parameters for CAT controlled radio. Genesis SDR MUST be started before HRD main module!!! In this case that would be SDR-1000 (PowerSDR) and virtual com port 7 (paired with virtual com port 17).


After connecting HRD to Genesis SDR via virtual CAT link (COM7, COM17) you will see window like this:


In HRD "Tools" menu click at "IP Server". Enable "Start server when HRD starts". Do not change port! Leave it as is! At a right side you will see your local IP address. This option will make possible remote control of HRD from other computers in local network or from other programs that run on local computer or at local network. Very useful for connecting DM780 to HRD and Genesis SDR! You must have installed TCP/IP on your computer to use this option, but, this should not be problem. Almost every Windows installation has this by default.


From HRD main menu choose DM780 icon. It will open DM780 digital multimode software. Press F8 or from tools menu choose "Program Options". Click at a "Soundcard" and you will get screen like this. For input set Virtual Cable 2 and for output set Virtal Cable 1.


Then, click at "PTT" sub menu and set option "via Ham Radio Deluxe". Using this option DM780 will switch transceiver PTT using internal connection to HRD main module via TCP/IP and CAT control. To enable IP connection to HRD click at "Configure HRD connection" and set "Allways connect to HRD" and then "Connect". If it is OK, you will be able to control Genesis SDR from DM780 over IP connection to HRD !! Great ! I can imagine many nice ideas for remote controll of G59 from different places in my local network !!


At last, after all these settings you will get full working Ham Radio Deluxe, DM780 and Genesis SDR setup. Take deep breath, sit, set all bunch of "common" HRD settings and make first qso with your G59 !