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GenesisSDR and JT65-HF Setup

JT65-HF only implements one mode of those offered in WSJT, specifically JT65A but in a more user friendly manner than WSJT. So, if you need just HF terrestrial WSJT mode than JT65-HF is best choice. It is very easy to setup this program with GSDR software.

Download and install JT65-HF software from . In configuration menu go to Station Setup card. Configure your call, grid.... For Sound Input Device set Line 2(Virtual Audio Cable) and for Sound Output Device se Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable). To set PTT serial port write COM6 in PTT Port field.


Second option is RB/PSK Reporter/RIG Control. I recommend to set bout RB and PSK Reporter spotting. It is a good way to analyze your signal propagation. It is possible to use three different CAT software (OmniRig, HRD, DX Labs Commander) with JT65-HF. Set one that you use or live it blank if you plan to manually enter working frequency into JT65-HF or if you do not use any CAT software.


You can set also user macros. Click on Macros section and set message as you need. Message is limited to 13 characters only!


Now you are ready for first QSO. I suggest to read JT65-HF Setup and Use Guide at before you start using JT65-HF. For optimal reception you need to set Audio input level to be 0 with only background noise present. It is possible in GSDR by AF output control (or via VAC RX gain) or in JT65-hf software using Digital Audio Gain sliders in upper left corner of main screen. Find clear frequency and then just slide your control as much as Audio Input Level show 0.


After some transmitting intervals you can check spotting at or .

PSKReporter report will look like this: