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QRP (or not) PIC-Keyer by DL4YHF

Searching over Internet I found several projects of electronic keyer. Some of it you will find in link section. But, from my opinion best of all is DL4YHF's PIC-Keyer. It is very simple for building, use popular PIC16F84 micro controller that is easy for programming with simple programmer and PC. With two memory blocks and macros you can set it just as you need. Following KISS philosophy it has only two buttons and potentiometer. It is so small that will never take to much space at a table. Can be build with PIC16F84 or with newer PIC16F628. In my case I choose PIC16F84 (it was in my drawer already).

This is main keyer features as Wolfgang describe at his web site:


Schematics diagram


Schematics made with Abacom sPlan. Download free viewer at

Download schematics as:


PCB layout and parts placement

At DL4YHF's site you can find schematics and SMD PCB layout. As I did not need to build so small PCB. I made one using standard threw hole parts. PCB should be very simple so anyone could make it. Here you can find PCB layout in different formats so you can choose what is best for you.

PCB layout made with Abacom Sprint 5.0. Download free viewer at

PCB layout


Download PCB layout as:


PCB and parts placement


Download parts placement as:



If you plan to frequently use memory buttons it wise to put keyer in small box which can be set close to paddle. But you can also built keyer direct inside your home made QRP radio.

This picture show my QRP keyer next to home made paddle.


White cable is for paddle and black with yellow RCA connector is for radio. As you can see at picture, I use same keyer for Icom and QRP radio. Just change RCA plug.

User manual

User manual can bi found at author site at

Serbian language user manual:

Korisnicko uptstvo zajedno sa semom i dizajnom stampane plocice na srpskom.