YT1DL Only Digital

Genesis SDR and Mixw setup

If you like working in digital modes contests Mixw is first, best and maybe only solution. It can be set to work with Genesis SDR in few minutes.

First of all, I must assume that you install and set Virtual Audio Cable like I did. It is very important to set VAC exactly as I explain before. At MixW Sound device Settings menu (see picture) set "Device" to "Sound card", "Input" to "Virtual Cable 2" and "Output" to "Virtual cable 1". Confirm changes and leave this menu.


At this point you will notice that MixW scope or waterfall start to show signals from Genesis SDR.


In Mixw "PTT&CAT" menu set CAT to Kenwood (almost compatible to SDR1000). Be sure that you remove check sign in front of "PTT via CAT command" and "Disabled"! Click to "Details" and set Mixw CAT serial port, baud rate and parity. In this case on picture it is COM7.We set before in Genesis SDR setup CAT port to COM17 (pair of COM7). Be sure you set DTR and RTS line as "Allways off". It is very important because we will not use this port for PTT switching.


Now we need to set PTT port. In Mixw "Secondary PTT port" setup set COM6 as secondary PTT port. Be sure that you remove check sign in front of "Disabled"! Most important, set DTR and RTS lines as "PTT". That is all. Try to switch G59 to TX from Mixw and check frequency reading via CAT.