YT1DL Only Digital

Genesis SDR Setup for Digital modes (Audigy SE)

Genesis G59 is powered by Genesis SDR software developed by Goran RadivojeviŠ, YT7PWR based on open source code FlexRadio PowerSDR and published under General Public License (GPL). Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package from Microsoft site. Download Genesis SDR from Genesis site. Create folder by your own (e.g. GSDR) and unzip the content. Start the application by clicking on the G icon.


From Setup menu select General card and set options like on picture. Set G59 as a radio model and PA10 unit if you have one.


In setup menu choose audio settings and choose your sound card. If it is not on supported audio card list (as my Sound Blaster Audigy SE) set it as "Unsupported Card" and set other audio parameters per audio card technical specifications (see picture). Some of cheap 96kHz capable sound cards (like my Sound Blaster Audigy SE) have only one sound input for microphone and line-in. If it is set like microphone, this input acts as mono. To avoid this, we should set input like line-in and change value of IQ correction option. My Audigy SE need IQ correction set to +1. With right settings sound input will be forced to work like plane stereo. Note: IQ correction should be set only if your sound card can not suppress unwanted image. Big question is which sound card is best for SDR ? There is no one, universal answer. Search over Internet and find your own solution but for sure avoid buying cheap sound cards with only one sound input.


For transferring sound from Genesis SDR to digital modes software is necessary to set Virtual Audio Cable support. In Audio/VAC menu enable VAC and set a pair of Virtual cables that you created as shown before. You can play with Sample rate to choose best audio. In my case it was 48000 but 22050 or 44100 should be good to. If you need VAC only for digital modes you can auto enable VAC for this modes and disable for others by setting this option. In my case, I use USB for digital modes so I leave this option unchecked. BTW, If I set DIGU or DIGL (at a main screen) for digital modes, I got a one or two seconds "delayed" RX/TX switching ?! Maybe someone know what I need to change to get non delayed RX/TX switching ?


This part is essential for paring Genesis SDR with other HAM radio software. If you install and set Virtal Com ports as I explain before, choose COM17 for CAT control and COM16 and RTS line for PTT control. Set CAT ID according your CAT software. I use Hamradio Deluxe/DM780 with native support for CAT control SDR-1000, so I just choose SDR-1000 from this menu. In some cases, like MIXW, you maybe need to set some of Kenwood models. Note: do not set COM6 and COM7! Some of digital mode software could not be set to use high values of serial port number like COM16 or COM17! So, reserve low serial port numbers for digital modes software and high serial port numbers for Genesis SDR.


Full working Genesis SDR should look like this. Note green USB field that indicate regular USB connection to PC.