YT1DL Only Digital

WINTEST Contest logger and GenesisSDR settings

Win test share almost idetical settings interface like N1MM logger.

First we need to set virual com ports. In this case we need three couples !! You can do it via N8VB Virtual COM port software or using some of newer packages like Virtual Serial Port Driver by Eltima or VSP Manager by K5FR (my choice). First virtual pair is for PTT control, second for CAT control and third for virtual N1MM keyer or CWX.


Next, GSDR settings. In CAT control settings menu set two com ports for CAT and PTT control ( see picture). If you set virtual ports like me you will put COM16 for PTT controll and COM17 for CAT.


In DSP/Keyer menu set COM18 as Keyer port (DSR as DOTT/PTT) and remove "check" in front of Lambic option.


At last, in Genesis config menu remove "chack" in front of lambic option to ! (Internal G59 keyer disabled, but if you need to use it in parallel with Wintest you can live it chacked).


Wintest settings. We need to prepare settings for three Wintest com ports. In Wintest Inteface configuration menu set COM6, COM7 and COM8 by picture. Do not forget to set SDR-1000 as CAT protocol for Radio 1 (COM7) Click at "Configure" switch for every of used ports and do detail setting also by pictures under. This detail settings is necessery to set function of every single pin on virtual com ports. I will not explain this setting, just copy this settings to your Wintest.


This would be all. I try this setup an my Windows 7 and Windows XP without delay or hiccups. I hope this text is clear and simple as I want it to be.